High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

Believe it or not, 50% of all reading texts are made up of the same 100 words! The most frequently used and repeated words in the English language are known as sight words.

Sight words are critical to reading not only because they are used so frequently, but also because many of them cannot easily be sounded out or illustrated. 

When a child is able to grasp and identify sight words (high frequency words) he is well on his way to becoming a thriving reader.


High Frequency Words

Why are high frequency words important?  

 These are words that are found frequently in your child's reading.  They are words that the child should be able to recognize instantly without having to try to figure them out.  Often times these words do not follow rules, but need to be memorized.  By your child knowing these words they will become more successful at reading fluently.    

Ways to study High Frequency Sight Words:

1. ABC Order-Write your words in alphabetical order

2. Rainbow Words-write your words in three colors

3. Picture Words-Draw a picture and write your words in the picture

4.  Scrambled Words-Write your words and then write them again with the letters mixed.  Have a friend try to unscramble your words.

5.  Ransom Words-Write your words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and glue them on paper

6.  Pyramid Words-Write your words adding one letter at a time

7.  Words-in-Words-Write your word and then write at least 2 words made from each

8.  Delcious Words-Write your words in whipped cream, peanut butter, or anything you can eat!

9.  Good Clean Words-Write your words in shaving cream on a counter or some other surface that can be cleaned safely.

10.  Dirty Words-Write your words in mud or sand

11. Pasta Words-Write you words by arranging alphabet pasta or Alphabet Glue on paper or bring me a note from a parent and do on a table or counter at home.

12.  3D Words-Use modeling clay rolled thinly to make your words.

13.  Magazine Words-Use an old magazine or newspaper and find your word

14.  Cheer your Words-Pretend you are a cheerleader and call out your words.

15.  Sound Words-Use a tape recorder and record your words and their spelling

16. X Words-Write two words having one common letter so they criss-cross

17. Other Handed-If you are right-handed, write with your left or vice versa.

18.  Choo-Choo Words-Write the entire list end-to-end as one long word, using different colors of crayon or ink for different words.

19.  Silly String-With a long length of sring "write" words in cursive, using the string to shape the letters.  Make sure you use it in a place that will not stain.  

20.  Back Writing-Using your finger, draw each letter on a partners' back having the partner say the word when completed.

21.  Telephone words-Translate your words into numbers from a telephone keypad.  

22. Flash Writing-in a darkened room use a flashlight to draw letters in the air.

23.  Newspaper Words-Search a newspaper page from top to botoom circling each letter of a word as you find it.  

24.  30 Second Words-Write a TV commerical using all the words from your list

25.  Popsicles-Make words using popsicle sticks

26.  Secret Agent Words-Number the alphabet from 1 to 26, then convert your words to a number code 

Etch-A-Word-Use a Etch-A-Sketch to write your words.

27.  Climb The Stairs-Put a word on each step.  The child says each word as they climb the stairs (can lay on the floor if there are no stairs).  Say it first or put the same word on each step until child has mastered a few.  Add a few at a time.

28.  FlashLight Fun-Give a child a flash card and have him look for that word (5-10 times_ in a newspaper or in a magazine.  Each time s/he find the word s/he circles it and says the word.  

29.  Hide and Go Seek-Hide the letters around the room when the child is busy elsewhere.  When child returns, have him find the letters one at a time and tell you what letter it is.  It's fun if the letters you hide make a word he knows...like hid the letters of his name, brother's name, etc.  Can child correctly rearrange letters to spell the word?

30.  Concentration-If you ahve 2 sets of cards (or make an extra set), you can plant Concentration.  Choose several pairs of matching words and spread them out face down on a table/floor.  As child turns over each word, he must read them.  If they match, s/he wins them, if not they are turned back over.

31.  What's Missing? -Child places 3-4 words on the table, identifies words, and then closes eyes while parent removes one word.  Child identifies missing word.  The parent closes eyes, and lets child remove a word.  

32.  Painting Words-Paint words on the cement with water. 

33.  Making Words-Make words out of pretzels, Twizzlers, gummy words, sour snakes, and other long skinny candies. 

34.  Rhyming with Words-Play rhyming games such as "I'm thinking of a word that rhymes with "cat" and begins with /b/. (bat)

35.  Sound Deletion-Play deletion games such as "What is cart without the /c/?" (art) "What is bark without the /k/?" (bar)

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