Get Ready For Kindergarten!

Get Ready For Kindergarten!

Get Ready For Kindergarten
Please practice these 10 basic kindergarten concepts.

1. Recognize and write first name using a capital letter at the beginning only.
2. Identify basic colors and name basic shapes. 
3. Count to 10 and count 10 objects.
4. Identify letters and numbers.
5. Understand how to handle a book, identify front, back and right-side up.
6. Use a pencil and scissors.
7. Manipulate fasteners. (snaps, buttons, zippers)
8. Follow simple directions and rules.
9. Tend to bathroom needs including the washing of hands.
10. Stay on task for at least 15-20 minutes. 
             (Example: Listen to a story)                           

When your child needs help reading a word, say...

*Look at the picture with your "eagle eye."

*Make the first sound with your "fish lips."

*Stretch out the sounds in the word like a "stretchy snake."

*Look for a part or chunk of the word you know like a "chunky monkey."

*Does the word make sense?

*Does the word sound right?

*I like the way you tried to work that out!

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