Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get extra credit if I bring in tissues, hand sanitizer, etc.? You will get a great big THANK YOU from me! But no, I don't give extra credit for things not related to language arts. 

Can I share my assignment with you on Google Docs? If so, how? Yes! Sharing your assignment on Google Docs is an easy way to make sure that I received your work. Search it with the email address

How many sentences do I need in a paragraph? My general rule of thumb is "around five." However, I do not simply count sentences when grading your paper. Your paragraphs should include a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a closing sentence, all centered around a complete thought. You might need six or seven sentences to do that; you might only need four.

How many pages does my paper need to be? Major written assignments will include a rubric that specifies length. Typically, your essays will need to include at least five paragraphs.

Are there weekly spelling tests in seventh grade? Nope!

What is my grade in language arts? PowerSchool is updated weekly. If you don't have internet at home, check during computer class. 

Is there any extra credit? I occasionally offer extra credit; if I do, I will let you know in class. Do not assume that I'll give you extra credit because your grade is low. Focus on doing your best on all required assignments and turning in any missing work. 

Can I still turn in late work? If the work is from the current marking period, yes! Here is my grading policy for work turned in after the due date:

  • 1-2 days late: minus 20%
  • More than 2 days, less than a week: minus 35%
  • More than a week: minus 50%
  • No work will be accepted from previous marking periods.

I have another question... Email me (, or talk to me after class.  

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