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Elementary Distance Learning

Your child's classroom teacher is your best resource to help you with the work he/she is being asked to complete. Connecting to Seesaw Family on your computer or using the Seesaw App on an iPad will give you a direct connection to your teacher.  If you are not able to access Seesaw, you can contact your child’s teacher via email.  He/she will respond to your questions as soon as possible.  
Our goal during this extended school closure is to ensure that everyone is successful – students, parents, and teachers.  
Beginning on Monday, April 27, we will transition to a four-day instructional week with all core content subjects being taught Monday-Thursday. Just as they are now, teachers will be available Monday through Friday to answer questions and provide support as students finish their assignments for the week and submit them for review. 

In addition to supporting students, teachers will also be using Fridays to plan for the upcoming week, participate in virtual meetings with colleagues, and engage in professional learning workshops to enhance their online instruction.

Weekly Learning Plans
All students will receive Weekly Learning Plans from their teachers. Learning Plans will be posted on Seesaw for students by Friday at 3 p.m. for the following week, beginning this Friday, April 24.

What will be expected of my child each day?
Elementary students will have daily assignments in the four core subject areas of English Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. In addition, they will have specials as scheduled by the teacher. Recommended time to complete all of these activities should total 1-2 hours a day for kindergarten, 2-2.5 hours a day for grades 1-2, and 2.5-3 hours for grades 3-5. Brief morning meetings will occur once a week so students remain connected to their classmates and teachers. These brief meetings are not mandatory.

In order to provide direct instruction to students, core content teachers will hold a Zoom or Google hangout session at least once a week for instruction on new content. Session times may vary depending on grade level and content but will not exceed 30 minutes. Weekly small group direct instruction will also occur in math and ELA as needed. Grades 3-5 teachers will only use Seesaw for posting lessons. 

Students may choose no-tech options, like the grade level learning packet, tech options posted on Seesaw, or a combination of the two, depending on the level of engagement your family is able to sustain at this period in time. Programs such as Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, Exact Path, and Study Island are available for students to reinforce already learned skills, practice new skills, or challenge students who have already mastered skills. Please contact the teacher for modifications your child may need based on family demands so adjustments can be made accordingly.
When and how are assignments due?
Each week’s assignments should be submitted upon completion no later than 3 p.m. on Friday unless otherwise noted by the teacher. Specific details on how to submit assignments will be provided by each teacher.

What can I expect in terms of assessments and grading?
The intent of Distance Learning is not to see how much we can assign to students, but rather how meaningful assignments can be used to meet the learning objectives of the course/grade level so students are prepared for next year and beyond. Teachers have been encouraged to focus on the most essential elements of the curriculum and select content and assignments that are conducive to an online learning environment.

With our focus on learning, not grading, student effort will continue to be recognized using the following scale:

Highly Engaged – means a student is actively participating by attending sessions, completing work/tasks, and is proactively communicating with the teacher and classmates. 

Moderately Engaged – means a student is meeting minimum expectations and/or is partially engaged, attends some learning sessions, and completes some work/tasks. 

Not Yet Engaged – means a student is not engaged in the learning process, does not attend learning sessions, and does not complete tasks/work. 

An additional accountability piece will be occasional quizzes and the weekly recording of work completion in PowerSchool for grades K-12. This will help you and your student better understand their level of engagement.

Assessment Testing

State Assessments
All PSSA testing for the 2019-20 school year have been cancelled by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
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