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Taken from the https://hdontap.com site....many more fun BLOGS to read!
Eagles can turn their heads 180 degrees - you can see this "baby" grooming his back, if you can find his head!
    »Hanover Eagle Nest - PA Game Commission Camera 1
    This site has the camera view from the nest level. AND if you scroll down you will see the highlight summary of previous years AND the timeline of the current nest.
    »Hanover Eagle Nest - Camera 2 - overhead
    This camera gives the view from above the nest. It also has the infrared so that you can view the nest in the evening!
    »PA Game Commission - Bald Eagle ID tips
    How to distinguish Eagles from other raptors AND includes info about what they look like in flight as well as differences from the young to adult eagles.
    »PA Game Commission - Fast Facts about Eagles
    »MORE info about Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and Osprey
    This includes information about protection of raptors.
    »DOCUMENTARY - Pennsylvania Bald Eagles: Celebrating 30 Years of Restoration
    Published on Nov 24, 2013 Thirty years ago, Pennsylvania had a mere three bald eagle nests remaining statewide. With the help of the Canadian government, several eastern states brought bald eagle chicks back from Saskatchewan to reintroduce bald eagles to the Northeastern United States. Today, Pennsylvania boasts more than 250 nests. This is the journey of their recovery. For educational resources to go with this and our other productions, please visit: http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/...
    »Hanover Eagle Nest Camera from another site!
    This camera is hosted by a different organization AND has a LOT of great blog comments!!! Check it out and learn a LOT! EXAMPLE POST: Valdun • 10 minutes ago The eaglets are about 1 foot high with a wingspan of 12-15", weigh about 4 lbs, roughly the size of a chicken. They now have their thermal down so they can regulate their body temp and don’t require brooding but still like the protection of the mombrella when it rains. They are growing faster than weeds, gaining about a pound a week, and their beaks and feet will be full size soon. It’s as if their yellow clown shoes appeared overnight. They do not yet have the balance or leg muscles to walk on their feet yet so they walk on their lower leg bone or tarsus (like walking on their hocks). Their wings and tail buds are growing fast too and they will figure out what those awkward arm things are really for when they begin flapping more and more. We will also see the black pin feathers coming in on the edges of the wings and back this week. They are eating more and eating bigger bites and we will start seeing them swallowing the fish tales and squirrel tails whole now. With that comes pellets, where they regurgitate the bits of indigestible matter: fur, feathers, and fish scales and it can look like they are choking or vomiting but they aren’t. We are still seeing some sibling rivalry even when it’s not meal time, which is normal. #2 is still getting plenty to eat and is learning some techniques to get food which will be valuable after he leaves the nest. The eaglets are beginning to wander around the nest more and are spending a lot of time at the rails imprinting on the world around them. The eaglets are eating, sleeping, ps’ing, and both are growing and developing right on schedule. #2 is not underweight, sickly, or behind on development. Both are thriving. Trust the parents, they know what they’re doing. Enjoy them. We only have them for 10-14 weeks and the time will fly, literally.
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