Keystone Assessment Information

2019 Keystone Testing Dates

Monday, May 13  and Tuesday, May 14    
Literature Keystone Exam - 2.5 Hour Delay
Wednesday, May 15    
Make-up Exam - REGULAR schedule 
Thursday, May 16 and Friday, May 17 
Biology Keystone Exam - 2.5 Hour Delay 
Monday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 21       
Algebra Keystone Exam - 2.5 Hour Delay 
Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23    
Make-up Exams - REGULAR schedule
Friday, May 24  
Make-up Exams - Early Dismissal Day 

About the Exams

Keystone assessments are end-of-the-course assessments designed to measure mastery of the standards in various subjects: Algebra I, Biology and Literature. A student can now be assessed in Grades 7 through 11 depending upon when he/she received the Keystone course content for each subject.  

Beginning with the Class of 2019 - 2020, all students will be required to pass the Keystone Exams or the state-developed graduation project in order to graduate. The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires any non-proficient student to be remediated in the corresponding Keystone content area(s) and retest any test(s) in which he/she has not scored proficient or advanced.

Any student who fails to score proficient on the Keystone Exams is permitted to retake the Keystone Exams as many times as he/she wishes through the end of the 11th grade year. The student’s best overall score, a combination of both Module 1 and Module 2, may be derived from multiple test administrations. 

We feel strongly that our students are well prepared for these assessments, but we do need your assistance. If your student has a Keystone Exam scheduled on any of the dates listed above, please encourage them to do their absolute best. A good night’s sleep beforehand and breakfast are helpful for ensuring optimal performance as well. 

Students taking a Keystone Exam must report on the test days at the normal time, by 7:37 AM. WSSD transportation will be running on its normal schedule. Students not being assessed may report for school at 10:07 AM on testing days if they can acquire personal transportation.

We have included a few links from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that may assist you with any questions you have regarding the Keystone Exams:

PDE Keystone Assessment Information 

Keystone Exam Design Overview 

Parents/Guardians may choose opt out of the Keystone Exam for religious reasons only. If choosing to exercise this option, parents/guardians should contact Cedar Cliff High School prior to their student's Keystone exam to schedule an appointment to preview the testing materials. 

Algebra I

The Cedar Cliff Mathematics Department has organized several on line resources for preparation of the Algebra I Keystone exam. 

The eligible content for the Algebra I Keystone Exam is listed on the PDE website (click here).

Item and Scoring Samplers published by PDE contain actual Keystone questions and answers. Multiple sample tests are available (click here).


Looking to review for the Algebra I Keystone Exam? Here is a list of resources from

One-Variable Linear Equations

One-Variable Linear Inequalities

Two-Variable Linear Equations


Linear Word Problems

Systems of Linear Equations

Graphs of Linear Inequalities

Polynomial Factorization

Box and Whisker Plots


The Cedar Cliff Biology Department has organized several online resources for preparation of the Biology Keystone exam. Please follow the link listed below.

Mrs. Plassio Keystone Review



The Cedar Cliff  English Department has organized several online resources for preparation of the Literature Keystone exam.

General Information

This page is specific to Keystones and includes a list of documents under “General Information” including a .pdf entitled “Keystone Exams Parent Overview”-this is a list of FAQ’s that parents may have regarding Keystone Exams.

English Language Arts

Under “Literature”

  1. “Literature Keystone Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content” has the basic anchors and eligible content found on the Keystone. The end of this document includes a glossary of terms, including literary devices, which may be very helpful for review (in addition to what teachers are covering before the exam)

  2. “Literature General Descriptions of Scoring Guidelines” has the scoring rubric for the constructed-response questions of the Keystone Literature tests.

In the SAS portal, under “Search” you can choose the grade level (9-12 Band) and “Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking” for many resources found on the web.

English Language Arts Resources

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