Behavior Management

Behavioral Management Plan

The environment of the computer lab must be maintained to an accepted standard of level of discipline. Because of the cost of computer machinery, it is mandatory that students have mutual respect for the machines and for other students while they are in the lab.

Therefore, you will be expected to act grown up and serious about the work area and the production level of the computer room at all times.


1. Enter the room in an appropriate manner.

Always quietly enter the computer lab on time. Place all personal belongs on the counter in the back of the lab and go directly to your assigned seat. You are not to run for danger of injuring yourself, a classmate, or damaging the computer equipment.

2. Get to work immediately at the starting bell.

At the starting%20bell,%20get%20right%20to%20work%20on%20opening%20%93Master%20Key%94%20and%20getting%20started%20on%20your%20warm up drills. A good working environment helps to create positive working habits. These habits will promote better production for the class period. It is during%20this%20warm%20up%20time%20that%20you%20are%20earning%20your%20keyboarding%20%93Technique%94%20grades.%20%20You%20are%20also%20working%20on%20your%20speed%20and%20accuracy%20skills%20to%20improve%20your%20%93Timed%20Writing%94%20scores.%3C/SPAN%3E%3C/P%3E%3CP%20ALIGN=%22LEFT%22%3E%3CSPAN%20style=%22color:%20%23000000;font-size:%2013px;font-family: Verdana;">

3. Carefully follow directions.

Follow the directions on the whiteboard, displayed on the projector screen, or stated by the instructor at all times.

4. At all times stay on assigned tasks.

Always stay on the work or assignments that you have been instructed to complete. Do not move on to other areas of a program or software.

5. Remain in your assigned computer seat.

Never ask to leave your seat for a drink, or to go to the restroom during the keyboarding segment of the class period. The keyboarding segment is the first ten minutes of each mod. The only class time that you will be permitted to leave the computer room is during the production time, which is your time.

Good behavior will help your grade!

Behavior grades are determined by your classroom conduct. Remember your behavior grade will be affected by your misbehavior. Not following the rules, talking, disturbing others, being nonproductive, leaving your seat, moving out of the assigned program, and misusing the hall privileges for the restroom or the drinking fountain are all taken into consideration for determining your behavior grades.

Behavioral Management Plan


Consequences for breaking the classroom rules are as follows:

First warning - Verbal warning

Second warning - Written warning in planner/note home

Third warning - Parents contacted by phone call or email

Fourth warning - The office will receive a referral on your behavior


Expected Levels of Achievement

7th and 8th Grade

Each student will be expected to demonstrated individual mastery of each objective and work cooperatively with fellow students when appropriate. Grades are determined by a number of factors, which average to a designated percentage and will be recorded as a letter grade for both 7th and 8th grades.

See the following two pages for 7th and 8th grade computer class grade categories and their percentages.

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