8th Grade Technology Education

8th Grade Technology Education

This year in eighth grade, students will have tech ed every day for one marking period.  Students will be completing a unit in manufacturing and a unit in technical drafting.   In the manufacturing unit, we will be making the wall sconce. Brazing and using a pocket hole jig will be just some of the skills used in this mass-produced project. Students will have experiences in the operation of woodworking and metalworking machinery. Measuring is still important. Plan on seeing some measuring worksheets and the inch test again.

In the technical drafting unit, students will start out by doing multi-view drawings using drawing boards and drafting tools. Did we mention measuring is important? We'll then move on to the computer to do CAD drawings using Sketchup. We'll do isometric drawings and learn to add dimensions with the help of the computer.  CAD drawing or board drawing--which one is more to your liking?  You'll have to decide.

Want to have Sketchup on your computer?  It's a free download, so you can start practicing at home!

If you are having trouble understanding the drawings, go to this link for some additional insight.


Each student in eighth grade is required to pay a fee of $8 for supplies and materials. Additionally, if you are interested in a glass chimney for the candle holder, they can be purchased through the school for $8. This is an optional fee.  I will be sending in an order each marking period, so we can get them at a discount for a large quantity.  If you want to purchase one on your own, you'll need one with a 3" diameter at the bottom.  

Below, you'll find downloads you may need if you want information and you are not at school. 

The fractions of the inch to 1/16
Use to answer the 20 question measuring worksheet
General tech ed safety rules
The safety guidelines for the machines used in the materials lab
How the technical drafting drawings will be graded
How the CAD drawings will be graded
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