8th Grade General Music

8th Grade General Music Class

Course Content

The purpose of general music class is to expose students to a wealth of information regarding the fundamentals of music, how music is created, various genres of music and the relationship of music to other cultures and curricular areas.  Keeping in line with the Pennsylvania Benchmarks and National Music Standards.  Realizing that most students who have an interest in performing music are already part of band, chorus or orchestra, this course will allow all students to try their best at making music, knowing that performance quality music and near perfection in not what is expected.

Students in 8th grade will be continuing to develop their basic skills of music, developing music literacy through reinforcement of music reading, writing and playing a variety of instruments, continue to develop their skills playing keyboards and guitars, study careers in related musical fields, and study history of Western Music, including music from various cultures.


For each unit of study, students will have reading material along with worksheets.  Worksheets will be graded using one point per question.  All worksheets are due the next school day.  Students will also have a quiz at the end of each unit.  A study guide will be given at least 2 days before each quiz.  Quizzes will also be graded using one point per question.  Students will also be expected to to keep a musical journal where they will write answers to thought provoking questions or responses and reactions to various pieces of music.  There will also be one long term research project which will utilize the computer laptops in some aspect.  For example, students may research a music career and put together a multimedia presentation for the teacher and class.  No grades will be weighted.  All late work may be turned in for full credit!

Extra credit will only be offered to a student provided only if a student has completed all homework. 

Classroom Expectations

  • Be on time - tardies without a pass will be reported to the office.
  • Be prepared - bring your notebook and a writing utensil everyday.  Remember to bring your homework when it is due.
  • Be respectful - treat your teacher and other students the way you would like to be treated at all times
  • Be enthusiastic - participate in class.  Music class can only be as much fun as YOU allow it to be.
  • Be neat - keep the room neat and tidy at all times.  Put things back where you found them.
  • Be careful - the instruments and other materials used during class are school property and are to be treated as a texts.  If any of the materials are damaged or destroyed, the student will be expected to pay for the replacement.
  • Be mature - again mature and positive behavior is expected at all times.
  • Be gum free - no gum is allowed in New Cumberland Middle School.

Students failing to follow any of these expectations will be disciplined in accordance with the New Cumberland Middle School Student Handbook.

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