2016 Election

It's time for all NCMS students, faculty and staff to cast their vote for the 2016 Presidential Election as well as State and Local Offices.  You've got an important choice to make.  This years' election promises to be the most divisive in history.  Many people have an opinion about the candidates, but that opinion might be based on things like "sound bites", appearance, and their pasts.

First take a look at several comparisons websites.  This will give you information about what candidates believe and promise to do while in office.  You have a tally sheet to keep track of who you agree with on several different categories.

Election Quiz - this is extremely helpful if you're having trouble.  It helps to go through all the categories pull all the drop downs.  It gives you a better picture of who you side with.

Lastly, check out everyone on the Ballot here - Sample Ballot.


Last task for today.  In Google Docs, create a new document and write a well written explanation of your choice for president and why you are casting your vote for them.  Also - did researching the issues change your mind in any way? Share it with your computer teacher (puglianoj@wssd.bz or schaffnerp@wssd.bz).

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