Check out these sites!

go into study island through:

Marble Mania (probability)

Fun Brain - Change Maker

Fun Brain - Cookie Dough (spell numbers)

Fun Brain - Math Baseball

Fun Brain - Area and Perimeter

Fun Brain - Tic Tac Toe (fact practice)

Fun Brain - Place Value

Jungle Jim - Fish (fact practice)

Gamequarium - Fraction practice

Create a Graph

Geometry Vocab Practice

Geometry and Measurement Quiz

Geometry and Measurement Match

Geometry Rags to Riches game

Geometry Vocabulary Matching quiz

Stop the Clock

Set the Clock

Stop the Clock II

BBC math skills

Protractor Practice

Standards Practice

Harcourt similar and congruent

IXL math practice site

quadrilateral fun

Virtual Manipulatives

Graph Maker

Create a Graph Kids Zone

Numeric Patterns (Study Zone)


area and perimeter of rectangles

Place Value Game

A Plus Math

Brain Teasers

Cool Math 4 Kids

All about money

Compare (use > or <)

Elementary interactive activities

I think Dog Bone is a good place to begin number sense.  Billy Bug for coordinates is also good for application of that skill. (above site)

Elementary Math Test Preparation


Everyday Math Glossary and Games

Definitions and games for K-6.



From Houghton Mifflin. Base Ten Blocks, coins, bills, and counters, fractions, connecting cubes, fractions and decimals, number line, addition table, hundred chart, Multiplication table, and two color counters.


Elementary School Math

This site is a portal with a list of many math sites.  It also has a calculator on its opening page as well as a multiplication table. Take a look at the second arithmetic site listed.,3.2,ALL,ALL/

A great site developed at the Utah State University.  Electronic blocks, abacus, geo boards, congruent triangles, mazes, games, probability, pie charts, attribute blocks, pattern blocks, polynomials, and a lot more.  One of the best sites on the internet.

Even and Odd

Facts: wack a mole facts

practice 6 x table:

Create number charts, tables, skip counting

Skip counting by 2,3,5,10

flashcards:  practice math facts

Facts from 10 x 10 and 30 x 30


timed test:


Compare fractions

BBC-Compare Numbers-comparing Fractions



From Easy to Very Hard with degrees of difficulty in between. I liked the equivalent fractions and simplest form page. There are nine fraction pages from which to choose. Add the difficulties choice and that quickly climbs to 36 options.  Worksheets:

math sites: 

prime numbers:


Polygons and Shapes

Buzzing with shape 

Classify angles 

Geometry glossary



You are using a taxi to go from one place to another by asking the computer how far.  You're using blocks (city blocks) as distance indicators.


Definitions of all quadrilaterals.  Some are detailed.  Shape is also shown.  Will clarify these geometry concepts.


sister site to math surf:

Math Dictionary = to practice math skills


measurement & patterns:

Data Analysis


Matching Money Game


Money-make change

Interactive Math activities



Place Value 

Place the Penguin

Find the missing term

Round or Estimate

Telling Time:

Word Problems    exploring everything


This site allows you to identify what the problem is asking you what to do by clicking the mouse. The index button is on page one. It has many levels. It can help you teach problem solving in more than just algebra.

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