Team Rules

Team Rules

Red Land Football

Team Rules


Your primary reason for attending Red Land High School is to receive a quality education.  In order to participate in the interscholastic athletic program, you must meet all eligibility requirements set forth by the PIAA and the West Shore School District.


Red Land Football players are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standard, in and out of school.  Disrespect towards school staff, students, and other programs will not be tolerated.  Likewise, vulgarity in any form, fighting, and hazing will not be accepted.  You are representing yourself, your family, and Red Land Football in all situations.


You are expected to be at all practices, meetings, and games.  If, for some reason, you are unable to attend, you or a parent must call Coach Weaver or the high school office prior to the activity.  You must be in school by 11:00 AM in order to practice or play in a game that day.


There will be no consequences for an excused absence.  The first unexcused absence will result in “extra credit” work following the next practice and notification of parents.  A second unexcused absence will result in a one-game suspension and notification of parents.  A third unexcused absence will result in dismissal procedures.


There will be no consequences for an excused tardy.  The first unexcused tardy to any team function will result in “extra credit” following the next practice.  Three unexcused tardies will be treated as an unexcused absence.  Detention is an unexcused tardy.


All injuries must be reported to the trainer.  Injured players are to be at all practices, meeting, and games (unless directed otherwise by the trainer) and are under the supervision of the training staff.  A player unable to be in uniform two days prior to a game will not participate in that game.


It is your responsibility to take care of the equipment that you have been issued.  You will therefore have to pay the replacement cost for any equipment not returned at the end of the season.



Football is played as a team.  All players will dress for games and practices as determined by the coaching staff.  We are not looking for players who want to stand out as individuals in a sport that demands total teamwork.


Locker Room:

You will be assigned a locker.  Keep it clean and place a lock on it at all times.  Take pride in the locker room and help to keep it clean.  Horseplay in or out of the locker room will not be tolerated.  Cleats must never be worn in the school.


Theft of any article can destroy the trust among team members.  Anyone caught stealing will be turned over to the school authorities. 


Driving to school is a privilege.  Dangerous or reckless driving may result in the loss of this privilege.


Jewelry, including earrings, is not permitted to be worn at practices or in games.

Drug/Alcohol Use:

It is illegal to use drugs and alcohol.  Anyone that is caught using drugs or alcohol will immediately be turned over to school officials.  If it is determined that a player was using, they will be removed from the team immediately.  This includes the use of drugs or alcohol on or off school grounds.  Do not put your ability of playing football at risk, stay away from others that are using any illegal items.

Tobacco Use:

It is illegal to have tobacco on school grounds.  If you are caught with tobacco, you will be turned over to school officials and have to deal with the consequences of the District.

Rule and Policy Changes:

At times, it may become necessary for the coaching staff to add to, delete from, or amend this list of rules and policies.  If this occurs, it will be communicated, in writing, to all participants and parents.

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