Summer Academy Request Process

In an effort to make the process for requesting summer academies more efficient, the 48 Carats system will be used to replace the traditional three-part form. Follow the step-by-step instructions below or, if you prefer, download the instructions as a related file below, to be guided on the process of requesting summer academies and submitting the needed information. 

Step One: Logging In

Go to the 48 C.A.R.A.T.S. website at

User Name – typically first initial last name - see building secretary with questions
Password - first four digits of your Social Security number


Step Two: Welcome Page

Click the word Registration at the top of the screen to view the WSSD academies.

Step Three: Academies Listing

Scroll to view all academies. Click the Select button on the right to read more about an academy.

DO NOT click the academy title link in blue text  – the screen that opens WILL NOT allow you to choose an exchange day and you have to submit again later.


Step Four: Registration Confirmation

Once you find the academy you would like to take, click the middle button at the bottom of the page, Register and Fill out Conference Request.

DO NOT click the Register button  – the screen that opens WILL NOT allow you to choose an exchange day and you have to submit again later.

Step Five: Conference Request Form

Enter the following academy information. Some fields may already be filled in for you.

  • Will you be presenting this conference?  Yes or No
  • Is the sponsor a PDE approved provider?  Yes
  • Is the sponsor a district approved provider?  Yes
  • Will your absence require a substitute?  No
  • Are you requesting a Trade-Off day for this activity?  Yes or No
  • Number of Trade-Off day(s) - if you answered Yes to previous question  or 2
    if you answered No to previous question 0
  • Trade-Off day(s) comments  June 4, 2018 or June 5, 2018
    Enter both days for a 2 day academy; Enter Supplemental if not requesting exchange
  • Registration fee $0
  • Is prepayment necessary? No

Click the Submit Form button at the bottom – Your request is now submitted!

After you click the Submit Form button, you will return to the Welcome Page screen. You can repeat these steps again, starting with step two to sign-up for additional academies or you can Log Out if you are finished.

If you need to edit the academy, click on the academy choice and then the edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

Summer academy requests will be reviewed by the building principal. Once approved by the building principal, requests will be reviewed by the assistant superintendent’s office. Once requests have been reviewed and approved by the assistant superintendent’s office, a worksheet for each teacher will be sent to the building. The worksheet will look very similar to the one typically used, and it will allow teachers to indicate their technical skill assessment, intent to work hours in their classroom, and other information not gathered through 48 Carats. Teachers will be required to sign the worksheet and return the original to the office of the assistant superintendent.
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