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For an eight-week period from June 11 – August 3, all District schools and the Administration Center for Education will be open Monday through Thursday and closed on Fridays. In addition, District offices will be closed July 4 in honor of Independence Day. 

The Administration Center for Education will be open to the public from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Hours at the individual schools will vary. Due to limited office staff during this time, please contact the school to confirm someone will be available to assist you when planning your visit.  Click here for a phone directory. 



Weather Man Map


Lesson 9.1

The Earth has the following layers: Crust, Mantle, and Core..

We live in the crust.

The core is the very center of the Earth.

Lesson 9.2

The Earth’s crust moves all the time but we cannot feel it.

Earthquakes happen when two plates come together.

Lesson 9.3

Weathering is a slow process that breaks rocks into smaller pieces of rock.

Lesson 9.4

Erosion is the movement of materials away from one place.

Lesson 9.5

Minerals are found in rocks and soil.

A mineral is naturally made.

Different physical properties are used to identify minerals.

Lesson 9.6

Rocks are classified according to how they are formed.


Heather Flook
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