Mrs. Tucker

Weekly Agenda

April 16-20

Monday:  Mods 3,4,7:  Finish reading Chapters 1-3 and Complete Figurative Language Meaning Activity/Mod 8:  Reading for Lit Circles task due on the 19th.

Tuesday:  Math PSSA:  Mods 3,4,7 Read Chapters 4-5/ Mod 8:  Read for Reading for Lit Circles task due on the19th.

Wednesday:  Math PSSA:  Mods 3,4,7 Read Chapters 6-7/ Mod 8:   Read for Reading for Lit Circles task due on the19th.

Thursday:  Mods 3,4,7 Read Chapters 8-9/ Mod 8:  Lit Circles task discussions and work on Dystopian Projects due May 22nd

Friday:  Mods 3,4,7 Read Chapters 10-11, Friday Quiz on Chapters 1-11/ Mod 8:  Read for Lit Circles task due on the 19th .  

April 9-13

Monday:  TDA Review and Last Minute Tips for PSSA

Tuesday-Thursday:  ELA PSSA:  In class, worked on Science PSSA Review Packets 

Friday:  Mods 3,4 7:  Began The Maze Runner Novel Study, Read pages 1-11 and Completed Pre-Reading Bias Questionaire/ Mod 8: Introduced Dystopian Literature Circle unit, Students picked novels.

April 2- April 6 

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Grammar and Usage Review and Verbal homework sheet

Wednesday:  Mechanics Review

Thursday:  Style, Tone, an Effect Review

Friday:  Grammar Quiz and TDA Review 

 (ELA PSSAs Tuesday, April 10- Thursday April 12th)


March 26- March 30 

Monday:  Informational Articles (lesson 5)  Review

Tuesday:  Persuasive Text Review and TDA Writing Plan homework

Wednesday:  Historical Text Review and TDA Persuasive Essay Writing Due Thursday

Thursday:  Scientific and Technical Texts Review (TDA Persuasive Essay Writing Due)

Friday:  No School 


March 19-March 23 

Monday: Analyzing Literature Review

Tuesday: Analyzing Literature Review

Wednesday:  Snow Day

Thursday: Analyzing Literature Review

Friday: Analyzing Literature Review


March 12-March16

Monday: Fiction Review

Tuesday: Fiction TDA Plan

Wednesday: Fiction TDA Essay

Thursday: Analyzing Literature Review  and Fiction TDA Essay

Friday: Catch up Day!


Third Grading Period Assignments

March 5-March 9

 Monday:  Mods 3,4,7 Finished Presentation Mod 8 Finished Presentation and Read "There But For the Grace and Completed Graphic Organizer

Tuesday:  Mods 3, 4,7  Read "There But For the Grace and Completed Graphic Organizer, Mod 8: Performance Task pg.  388

Wednesday:  Collections  Grammar Lessons  Pgs. 176, 198, 228, 234, 246, 262, 378

Thursday-Friday:  Collections 5 Test 


Feb 26-March 2

Monday:  Poetry Stations

Tuesday:  Poetry Stations

Wednesday:  Poetry Stations

Thursday:  Read the Poem, "There But for the Grace" pg. 386 and complete graphic organizer

Friday:  Quiz on "There But for the Grace" and Begin presentations of Holocaust Google Drawing Posters


Feb 19-23

Monday:  NO SCHOOL!!!

Tuesday:  Finish watching "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"

Wednesday:  Continue Working on Biography Project started in Mr. Little's Class last week. 

Thursday:   Continue Working on Biography Project

Friday:  Final day to work on Biography Project in class.  This project is due March 9th!!!! 


Feb 12-16

Monday:  Read the speech "After Auschwitz" pgs. 380-382 and answer questions on page 383 (1-7)

Tuesday:  Finish questions on page 383 (1-7) and Study Island Grammar and Nonfiction Review Activities..   Mod 7 Holocaust Presentation

Wednesday:   Began Performance Task  (pg. 383) Working with partner to create google drawing presentation about the holocaust bast of the speech.  Due Friday

Thursday:  Finish Peformance Task (pg. 383)  Due Friday

Friday:  Watching "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" 

Feb 5-9

Monday:  Complete the Analyzing Text Across Genre Practice Actvities

Tuesday:  Read Excerpt from "The  Diary of a Young Girl" pg. 355-365  and Answer questions in textbook pgs 367 (1-7) due Thursday

Wednesday:  Snow Day

Thursday:  Read pgs. 369-375 

Friday:  Answer questions on page 376 (1-6) 


Jan 29-Feb 2

Monday:  Junior Achievement Day

Tuesday: Comprehension and Vocabulary Assessments/ Finish drama close read of The Diary of Anne Frank

Wednesday: Analyzing Nonfiction Notes and Activities

Thursday: Analyzing Nonfiction Assessment Activities

Friday:  Analyzing Text Across Genre Notes and Practice Activities

Jan 22-26

Monday:  Argumentive Essay Prompt Activities

Tuesday:  Argumentative Essay Benchmark Writing

Wednesday:  Argumentative Essay Benchmark Writing

Thursday: Drama Notes and Pratice Activity

Friday:  Reading and Discussing Act 1 Scene 1 and 2 of the Drama "Diary of Anne Frank" 

Jan 15-19  

Monday; No School

Tuesday:  Students had a reading day

Wednesday:  Snow Day 

Thursday:  Argumentative Essay Notes and Disussion

Friday:  High School Registration Information Session 

Second Grading Period  

Jan 8-12-- All this week students will be working on their Study Island BenchmarksJan 1-5Monday:  No SchoolTuesday: TDA Review :  Taking Notes

Jan 2-5 

 Monday: No School

Tuesday:  TDA Review 

Wednesday:TDA Review:  Practicing Activity: An Advendure with a SharK

Thursday: Grammar Review:  Review the Giver Grammar Packet's most missed activities

Friday:  Study Island Benchmark Day 1 of 3

Dec 18-22  The Giver Novel Study:  Students have a syllabus detailing all assignments and due dates through 12/21  SYLLABUS LINK

Monday: Grammar Packet

Tuesday:  Grammar Packet

Wednesday:  The Giver Movie

Thursday:  The Giver Movie

Friday:  1/2 Day:  Movie, Grade Level assembly

Dec 11-15:  The Giver Novel Study:  Students have a syllabus detailing all assignments and due dates through 12/21  SYLLABUS LINK

Monday: Take the survey for the District Technology Department at the following link   Next, review ch. 19 and complete Precision of Language Activity 

Tuesday: Read 20-21

Wednesday:  Read 22-23 and Complete Ch. 22-23 Written Response in Google Classroom

Thursday:  The Giver Study Guide and Review

Friday:  The Giver Test

Dec 4-8

Monday:  Mod 3,4,7 Beyond the Obvious Exploration Writing Project/ Mod 8:  Read Ch. 15 and begin The Importance of Memory Writing Project

Tuesday:  Continue: Mod 3,4,7 Beyond the Obvious Exploration Writing Project/ Mod 8:  The Importance of Memory Writing Project

Wednesday: Complete: Mod 3,4,7 Beyond the Obvious Exploration Writing Project/ Mod 8:  The Importance of Memory Writing Project

Thursday: Read Ch. 15-17 and Complete Written Response in Google Classroom (Ch. 15-17)

Friday:  Read Ch. 18 and Complete The Cause and Effect Activity

November 27-Dec 1:

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Read Ch. 11 of The Giver and complete Stop & Jot Activity and Ch. 1-11 Written Response in Google Classroom for homework

Wednesday:  Jigsaw:  A Critical Thinking Activity

Thursday:  Jigsaw Sharing and Reflection Homework

Friday:  Read Ch. 12-14 of The Giver

November 13-17

Monday:  Read Ch. 5-7

Tuesday: Dytopian Society Analysis Chart

Wednesday:  Read Chapter 8 and Complete Ch. 5-8 Written Responses in Google Classroom

(Mod 8---  Dystopian Debate)

Thursday:  Review Written Responses

Friday:  Read Ch. 9-10 and Complete Ch. 9-10 Written Responses in Google Classroom 

November 6-10

Monday: China's One Child Policy paragraphs to be completed in Google Classroom; begin The Giver Grammar Packet (Due 12/21) and Mod 8 Dystopian Log due 12/15

Tuesday: The Giver Chapter 1 and Complete the Utopian Exchange Activity 

Wednesday:  The Giver Chapters 2,3,and 4  and complete the Ch. 3-4 Written Response in Google Classroom

Thursday:  Jonas's Characterization Activity Due 11/13

Friday: Continue Characterization Activity Due Monday 11/13

October 30-Nov. 3rd

Monday:  Read pg 105-116 "The Monkey's Paw" and complete pgs. 119-120 for homework (not the performance task)

Tuesday:  Close Read Jigsaw Activity,  Study for "The Monkey's Paw" Test

Wednesday:  "The Monkey's Paw" Test, Read pg. 125-128 "What is the Horror Genre"

Thursday:  pgs. 129-130 Review Question (finish for homework)

Friday:  Multiple assemblies are planned and a movie depending on what is happening during their specific mod.  

1st Quarter Assignments:

October 23-27

Monday: Read and Complete Plot diagram for The Tell Tale Heart pg. 89-95

Tuesday:  Mock Trial Preparation Activities

Wednesday: Mock Trial 

Thursday: Test for the Tell Tale Heart; Begin Reading of The Monkey's Paw pg. 105-116

Friday:  No School for Students

October 16-20

Monday:  Continue Collection 1 Test

Tuesday:  Finish Collection 1 Test  (Mod 8 will edit VFW Essays)

Wednesday:  Review Collection 1 Test

Thursday:  Review Collection 1 Test

Friday:  Grand Slam Jam

October 9-13

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Read "The Powwow at the End of the World" on page 75-76.  Complete pg. 78 questions

Wednesday:  Quiz on "The Powwow at the End of the World," Begin Station Review for Collection 1 Test

Thursday:  Continue Station Review for Collection 1 Test

Friday:  Collection 1 Test 

October 2-6

Monday:  Vocabulary Word Splash Activity & Read "The Latehomecomer" pg. 53-66

Tuesday:  Guided Questions for "The Latehomecomer" (#s 1,3,4,5,7,9,11,12,14,16)

Wednesday:  Guided Questions for "The Latehomecomer" (#s 2,6,8,10,13,15,17)

Thursday:  Review Activities for "The Latehomecomer" pg 68-70

Friday:  "The Latehomecomer" Test and Grammar Lesson Stations

September 25-29

Monday:  Finish SQ4R Activity and begin pgs. 51-52 

Tuesday:  Finish pgs. 51-52 (Mod 8 will begin discussion of VFW Essay Contest)

Wednesday:  Test "A Place to Call Home" and Begin SQ4R of "What to Bring" in Close Reading Workbook

Thursday:  Finish SQ4R Activity and Short Response 

Friday:  Grammar Lesson Stations

September 18-22

Monday:  Edit/Peer Edit Rough Draft

Tuesday:  Complete your Final Draft of your Narrative Essay

Wednesday:  Pg. 3-8 in Close Reader--  Read "Golden Glass" and complete analysis and short response questions.



September 11-15

Monday:  "Catch Up" Day... Work on any assignment that needs completed from the short story "My Favorite Chaperone."  Review for quiz on Tuesday

Tuesday:  Quiz on "My Favorite Chaperone" and begin Narrative Writing Stories 

Wednesday:  Narrative Writing  Activity

Thursday:   Plan and Organize District Narrative Essay

Friday:  Write District Narrative Essay 

September 5-8

Monday--No school

Tuesday-Thursday:  Study Island Benchmark (Plot Analysis Questions)

Friday:  "My Favorite Chaperone" Review Stations pages 28-30.

August 28-September 1

M-T Collection 1 Overview- Read "My Favorite Chaperone" pgs. 3-26 

W-Th Close Reading to Analyze Character 

F-Close Reading to Analyze Plot to be completed Tuesday 9/5

August 23-25

W-  B-T-S Stations, student survey, and parent survey

TH- Online textbook overview

F- 3 Goals Essay Due Monday August 28th


Please complete the survey below by August 28, 2017.

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