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Welcome to Biology 1.   I am glad that you are visiting. I hope that your son or daughter enjoys learning about Biology- the study of life.

Part of the focus of the course is to get your child ready for the Keystone Biology Exam.  I hope your child will come away with an appreciation of the study of life.


Feel free to use this website to access important video clips referred to in class. The video clips in the textbooks are AWESOME! The textbook is available to all students, no matter what Level of Biology you are taking.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. My e-mail address is Please feel free to comment.

Study Guides

Study guide outlines can be found on the first two pages of each packet with all new vocabulary listed out in a chart on page 1 or 2 of each packet.  If you know this material and know it well enough to apply it, you will easily pass the test.   It is not unusual for several students in each class to score a perfect score of 100%.   Additional study materials can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, however, study guides will be updated and uploaded one week prior to the test.  The study guide is not for points, and will not be collected.  If you have questions about any of the study guide questions, please see me, or better yet- ask in class.  Others may have the same question as you but might not ask.

Study Guide- Intro to Biology
 (pdf file - 68 KB) 
Intro includes the microscope, scientific method terms (independent vs dependent variable, law, theory, hypothesis, etc.), levels of biological organization and features of living things.
Intro Answer Key
 (pdf file - 131 KB) 
Answer key for the intro to Bio study guide
Ecology Study Guide
 (pdf file - 137 KB) 
Study guide for the unit in ecology
Ecology Ans Key
 (pdf file - 3.14 MB) 
Ecology study guide answer key.
Biochemistry Study Guide
 (pdf file - 79 KB) 
Study guide for biochemistry, which includes macromolecules, enzymes, water, pH, polymers, monomers.
Answer Key Biochemistry
 (pdf file - 2.64 MB) 
Answer Key for the Biochem study guide. The guide won't help you if you copy it, so try to do it on your own, but check your answers here!
Cytology study guide
 (doc file - 147 KB) 
Use the attached study guide to prepare for the test on cells- prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells.
Cytology Study guide answer key
 (pdf file - 2.52 MB) 
Answer Key for the Cytology Unit
Transport Study guide
 (pdf file - 184 KB) 
Use the attached study guide to prepare for the test on cell transport or homeostasis- this includes active and passive transport
Answer Key Transport
 (pdf file - 2.72 MB) 
This is the answer key to the transport study guide
Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Study Guide
 (doc file - 45 KB) 
Study guide for the unit on Energetics- Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration.
Answer Key Energetics
 (doc file - 22 KB) 
Answer key for photosynthesis and cellular respiration
DNA RNA protein
 (doc file - 41 KB) 
Study guide for the unit on DNA, RNA, Protein synthesis
Answer Key DNA RNA protein
 (doc file - 22 KB) 
This is the answer key to the DNA study guide
Cell Division study guide
 (doc file - 41 KB) 
Mitosis and Meiosis
Answer key cell division
 (pdf file - 2.74 MB) 
Answer key to the Cell Division unit- binary fission, mitosis and meiosis.
Genetics study guide
 (pdf file - 131 KB) 
NEW genetics study guide
Genetics Answer Key
 (doc file - 22 KB) 
This is the answer key for the genetics and human genetics answer key.
Evolution Study Guide
 (doc file - 30 KB) 
Study guide for the unit on Evolution.

Evolution key - also shared via a google file

OR, join google classroom: code dqhuhgk 

CRAM- link to vocabulary cards

On this page you will find links to a game called CRAM to study your vocabulary term
    » Intro to Bio Notecards 
    Introductory terms such as theory, law, biology, tissue, qualitative, quantitative, homeostatic mechanism, etc. Once inside the site click on GAMES for a fun way to study your vocab
    » Ecology Words Set 1 
    This listing includes the FIRST set of vocabulary words; 15 total words. It is the starred terms inside your packet.
    » Ecology Words Set 2 
    These are the final words in the chapter on ecology- 22 words total.
    » Biochemistry words 
    Biochemistry terms such as ionic and covalent bonds, acid, base, polymer, etc. Once inside the site click on GAMES for a fun way to study your vocabulary words.
    » Cytology Notecards 
    Cytology is the study of cells. Terms such as cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, prokaryote, cilium.... There are 26 terms total.
    » Transport Vocabulary words 
    With words like hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic- how are you going to keep it all straight? Practice using CRAM, that's how. Other words include: diffusion, osmosis, active transport, exocytosis, endocytosis, equilibrium, cytolysis, etc.....
    » Photosynthesis words 
    Photosynthesis words- part one of energetics
    » Cellular Respiration terms 
    Vocabulary words such as: glycolysis, cellular respiration, matrix, aerobic, mitochondrion, etc.
    » DNA RNA Protein vocabulary 
    This set of words includes all words in the DNA chapter. Remember, the vocabulary quiz definitions will be taken from the glossary in the back of your book; these terms are the glossary definitions.
    » Cell Division Vocabulary Terms 
    There are 34 words for the cell division unit. We will cover all of these terms before the test. Terms such as Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Haploid, Diploid, gametes, etc.
    » Genetics Vocabulary 
    This is a link to your genetics vocabulary.
    » Evolution Vocabulary words 
    Terms such as microevolution, macroevolution, adaptation, artificial selection, punctuated equilibrium, etc.
    Genetic Engineering
    Terms such as transgenic, gene therapy, recombinant DNA 

Keystone Study Guide

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