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Welcome to Mrs. Bourque's 3rd Grade Class

Special Schedule

Day 1 - Art
Day 2 - Gym - bring your sneakers
Day 3 - Music
Day 4 - None
Day 5 - Gym - bring your sneakers
Day 6 - Library - bring books 

Resource Links

Search for Information

Safe Photo Search
Photos that can be downloaded and used for projects. Photos are automatically cited. Very easy to use.

Easy Science for Kids
Search for your topic. Many broad categories such as: Plants, Animals, Earth Science, etc.

Biomes - Animals and Plants

Thesaurus - Word Help

Fact Monster
This site will help with reference needs. It includes quizzes and games that support the math, science, and social studies curriculum. There are also lots of trivia facts.

Enchanted Learning
Search for many areas of interest for 3rd graders. A real kid-friendly potpourri of information.

Brain Pop for Science
Check out the videos of interest

Brain Pop for Social Studies
Check out the videos of interest. Many links to topics we study in social studies.




enVisionMath 3.0 - Student textbook
Log into Power School using the credentials provided your student. 1 - Click on “Pearson” on the bottom, left-hand side of the page. 2 - Explore.

Cool Math
Kids love this site just for the games.

Front Row
Great way to practice your skills. You need my code to join.

Math 24 online
Practice all 4 operations to get a result of 24.

Practice your basic math facts every day. This will help you with calculations for bigger numbers. 1st, log into my homework page 2nd, go to "Math Links" 3rd, find "XtraMath" 4th, click "Sign In" at the upper right hand corner 5th, use my email address (copy and paste) 6th, use your credentials. You're in.

Moby Max
A few students have accounts to help strengthen skills. The school code is PA3336.

Watch for your assignments.

IXL (I Excel) Math
Gobs of practice that address the standards. Teachers and students like this site because it strengthens skills in all math categories.

Mr. Nussbaum's Place Value Pirates
Identify the pirate's number that matches the given place value number. The difficulty increases as you gather swords and points.

Alien Addiition
You set the range of sums to practice addition facts. Blast the alien ships to match addends with the sum.

Batter Up Baseball
Practice multiplication skills. In 3rd grade go for the "Single" but 4th graders should go for the "Home Run."

Study Jams for Math
Practice concepts in Math. Use the videos to help make the concepts more clear.

Online Geoboard
Great resource to model geometric ideas.

Roll The Number Dice
Choose the number of dice to be rolled. After you roll them, add, subtract, or multiply the values.

Math Playground
Practice your math facts. This site has great word problem practice.

Education Place - Kid's Place Math
Brain Teasers, Skills Practice, and Test-taking Skills - choose a grade level that fits your needs.

Intractive Thermometer
See how Celsius and Fahrenheit scales line up with this interactive thermometer.

Enjoy the sculptures made from cans. The sculptures are judged, and then are donated to area food banks once the contest is ended.

Virginia's Math Test Prep
Take a test online. Choose the number of problems you would like to try.

Counting Money
Make counting money easy.

Cash Register
Practice making change while shopping. Choose the medium level. Make sure you click on the American flag for US currency.

Making Equivalent Fractions
Change the value of one fraction's numerator or denominator so that that fraction becomes equivalent to the original.

Dad's Math Worksheetes
Great way to practice for Rocket Math

Mr. Nussbaum's Math Site
Specific practice/games for concepts learned in math

BBC Math Practice
Various ways to practice our skills

A Math Dictionary
Get all your math terms defined!!




ELA - Language Arts

Moby Max
A few students have accounts to strengthen skills.

I Survived Books
Visit with Lauren Tarshis, the author of the "I Survived" books.

Letter Dice
Roll the dice. How many words can you make without repeating letters? Great partner activity.

Storytown Volume 1
This link will read the stories to you too!

News ELA
Great news articles

Storytown Anthology Book #2 - it can read to you too!

Moby Max Reading
use your school login and password

Dr Seuss Website

Concrete Poetry
Create your own shape poetry.

Riddles to Practice Inferencing Skills
Can you guess what I am in under 5 clues?

Spelling City
All spelling lists, both A and B, are included on this site. This is a great way to practice your weekly spelling words from the Harcourt Storytown Series.

Giggle Poetry
Lots of fun poetry. This includes poetry theater.

Scholastic Story Starters
Lots of great story starters that encourage writing. You can even print them out! Lots of fun as you write newsletters, letters, and stories.

"BBC Bitesize" Language Arts Games
Practice basic skills in grammar.

Mr. Nussbaum's Games
Practice Language Arts Skills

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry 4 Kids
Lots of fun poetry especially for "Poem in Your Pocket Day"

Shel Silverstein's Poetry
Read animated versions of Shel Silverstein's poems. Click on "highspeed bandwidth".

Wacky Web Tales
Create your own "Mad Libs." Work with a partner to create silly stories.

Writing Diamante Poetry
Try your hand at writing your own poetry. It's fun and easy.

Choose Your Own Adventure -" A Dog's Life"
Read along with a story about a dog. Choose adventures around every corner.

Word Clouds
A fun way to group words describing a topic - Just like making a "Wordle"

Brain Pop for Grammar
Check out the videos of interest

Brain Pop for Writing
Check out the videos of interest

Brain Pop for Reading and Study Skills
Check out the videos of interest

Practice Main Idea

Create your own online story using themed artwork. You'll need to use your password or create one. It's free.

Reading Study Zone
Practice reading skills. Categories of learning include reading comprehension, creating a summary, and recreating the story.

Grammar practice - capitals, commas, etc.





Biomes - Animals and Plants
Good descriptions of the biomes.

Study Jams
Topics that we study this year have some added support here. Animated videos on plants and animals and earth and space science can be found here.

Environment for Kids by Ducksters
Environment topics for kids

Animals for Kids by Ducksters
Studying about animals? I bet you will find your animal listed here.

Biology of Plants
Excellent close-up pictures of developing plants.

Kids Do Ecology
One way to investigate biomes.

Mission Biomes from NASA
Info and projects that let you explore biomes.

National Geographic Animals and Biomes
The National Geographic has many connections to the biomes and animals. You do not need to join the website. This site is a little tricky to navigate, but be patient and you'll get some great information.

Blue Planet Biomes
Short descriptive pieces about each biome. Good place to read about the plants found in each biome.

Eeko World
An intro to biomes/ecosystems

What's It Like Where You Live?
A great site to research any of the biomes. The pictures are gorgeous.

North American Biomes

Biomes from Enchanted Learning
Easy reading about the biomes of the world.

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees
An interactive site where students learn all about the roots, the parts of a trunk, and the importance of TLTC - Tender Loving Tree Care.

The Great Plant Escape
The Great Plant Escape helps students learn the mysteres of plant life. Case by case students will check the clues, try experiments and solve problems. Students learn the basics of composting, germination, seeds and soils.

Hogle Zoo, Utah
Meet the animals of Hogle Zoo in Utah.

San Diego Zoo
Visit the zoo and learn about animals and biomes.

National Zoo Animals
Lots of animals to explore

National Geographic Videos of Animals
Check these out

Life at Busch Gardens Sea World
Great for research on individual animals. It includes photos and sound bytes.

Herman the Worm
Find out all about the earthworms that we need in our soil.

Bats 4 Kids
Find out about our helpful neighbors, the bats.

Kidzone Bats

Bats and Research

Virtual Owls and other Birds
Interactive dissection of owl pellets

Owl Pellet Video
See what's inside an owl pellet. 3rd grade students do this activity in class.

Build Your Wild Self
Build yourself a crazy animal



Space Science

Hpw To Make Paper Airplanes
Great visual directions for making paper airplanes.

Space Sites for Kids
Lots of individual sites for students to visit. Find the space station, watch the space station being built, visit space camp, a virtual solar system, and many more!

Space Place
Facts and activities about our planet, solar system, and universe. Since it comes from NASA there are some really good features.

Astronomy for Kids
Many resources to help students with space flight and astronomy

Find the International Space Station
Find the International Space Station in the nighttime skies. You'll find out when to look and where to look for the ISS. Look for a "Maximum Height" that is close to 90. That's a good viewing night. The other numbers tell you where in the sky you will see it begin and where it will end its trek. When looking up, you will see a bright light going across the sky. It will not have any blinking lights.

Tooter 4 Kids in Space
Interactive site about space.

NASA's Website
NASA's homepage - links to interesting topics

NASA For Students from
Follow the current missions on Mars and many other videos. There are many other topics of interest to investigate.

NASA Kids' Club
Many games to test your knowledge, skills, and memory. Don't forget to change levels for more challenges.

Space Station Comes Together
See the pieces of the space station being put together. The timeline is included.

Space Picture of the Day
Scroll to the very bottom of the page for "Archive." This will list all the past "Pictures of the Day." Unbelievable pictures!





Geography/Earth Science

Study Jams for Science
Topics that we study this year have some added support here. Animated videos on landforms and earth science can be found here. You'll need to scroll through the topics to find the ones you need.

Forces of Nature from National Geographic
See photos from natural disasters. Create your own tornado, hurricane, or earthquake.

Landform Glossary From Enchanted Learning
Everything you wanted to know about terms dealing with landforms.

Mr. Nussbaum's Interactive Landform Map and Quiz
Click on the map's location of a specific landform. A definition and picture will appear. Then complete the quiz while referencing the landform map.

Recent Earthquake Map
By clicking on the map, you can locate earthquakes that have occurred. The size of the circle indicates the intensity of the quake. If it's red, the quake occurred within the past hour.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Find out about earthquakes, glaciers, and more. Good audio support and dramatizations.

Earth Day - Water Awareness
Interactive activities focusing on water usage and water pollution. Go to games and activities on the left-hand sidebar.

Google Earth
Parents!!! This is a free download. There are some options that cost money. Look for your house from space!




Check out the chicks!!

Hanover Eagles Eagle Cam
Watch Central PA's favorite eagle cam in Hanover, PA.

Norfolk, VA Botanical Gardens Video
The original "Eagle Cam" - The mom was killed by a plane last year so 4 different females are checking the empty nest.




Looking at the Titanic
This video is very close up to the Titanic wreckage

Jamestown Settlement You Are There
Create a settlement and see how your settlers fare. Similar to "Choose Your Own Adventure."

State Symbols of PA
Pictures and facts about our state symbols. Links to the other 50 states are available.

PA State Facts
A list of facts pertaining to Pennsyslvania - area, history, famous people, etc.

Ben's Guide to Government
Great site for easy to understand information about the U.S. Government, documents, and symbols.

White House for Kids
Find out all the historical data.



Learn How to Type

Typing Training
Students can learn keyboarding skills.




Famous People Research

Famous People Research
Connect with people according to jobs, sports field, or specialty

Famous Americans
What did your American do?

More Famous Americans

Famous Leaders
Biographies written for kids

Fact Monster - Famous People
Part of a much larger reference website

Enchanted Learning - Inventors

Enchanted Learning - Space Explorers

Famous People Biorgraphies

Enchanted Learning
Type in your person of interest.

Stephen Curry
Basketball player

Scott Kelly

Sally Ride
1st U.S. woman in space

Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse's creator

Walt Disney Timeline
Just the bare facts on a timeline

Walt Disney - wikipedia



PSSA Practice

A Plus Math Games
Practice your math facts!

Grade3/4 PSSA Math Vocabulary Games
Choose from Scrabble to Hangman to practice that math vocabulary.

Apples 4 The Teacher - Language Arts
Practice Various Skills in Language Arts.

Apples 4 The Teacher - Math
Games that focus on individual skills.



Just For Fun

PBS Kids
Games and activities. Some activities relate to favorite children's books.

Digger and the Gang
Meet Digger and all his friends. Go on his adventures.

Curious George
Activities and videos about various topics. This site is good for your little brother or sister.

National Geographic for Kids

Tracking Santa

Play Your Own Reindeer Music

Comic Strips
Create and print your own comic strip

Learning Games/Songs for all Areas
Lots of fun games and songs that connect with all subjects.

Brain Pop for Arts and Music
Check out the videos of interest

Passport to Nutrition
From Giant Food Stores - this site encourages students to think healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.

Hour of Code
Have fun coding your own program.





Today's Project

What Is It Like Where You Live?
Biome info

Blue Planet Biomes






It's been a great start!  Thank you to all of you who donated supplies to the classroom.  They are being put to good use!

Students need
*Students are asked to bring in a water bottle (I'm sure the temps will soar as soon as school starts) and a snack. 
*Sorry, we all will be missing our afternoon naps, so no pillows.


Check assignments daily.  See the left margin for connection.

See the left margin for classroom connections to the web. Sometimes a link becomes disabled or is now a pay-per-view.  Please never pay to use a website.  There are too many freebies out there.

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