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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year.

Students wishing to have extra time and help outside of the regular class time may come in during the homeroom period on cycle days 2, 3, and 4. Students should obtain a pass from the tech ed teacher the day prior to the day they wish to come in.  The pass should be shown to their homeroom teacher that morning before coming to the tech ed room.

Additional time and help is available after school until 3:30 on various days. Ask what days are available each week.

About each grade

6th Grade Technology Education

In sixth grade, technology education students will be working on units in measuring, design/construction, manufacturing, transportation and biotechnology/ecology.

First, students will become familiar with the fractions of the inch down to 1/16" and then learn how to measure. Learn those fractions of the inch! 

In the design/construction unit, students will design and construct a balsa wood bridge with their partners.  They will then destructively test their bridges. (That means they will destroy the bridge.) To do well on this project, your bridge will have to hold many times its own weight.  Keep in mind, it's not how much weight it holds, but how many times its weight it holds.  (That's called efficiency.)

In manufacturing, we'll be using sheet metal equipment to form a box and then solder the corners together.  Then we'll use our plastics equipment to make screwdrivers and an insert to hold them in the box.  When you're done, it's yours to keep.  They make great gifts!

We'll be making a unique vehicle in the transportation unit.  Let's just say that it will stay close to the ground but won't be touching it.

Each student in sixth grade is required to pay a fee of $4 for materials and supplies.

Rubrics for the projects can be found below.

Need a paper or directions for an assignment?  See the related files below and you may print one.

7th Grade Technology Education

In seventh grade, technology education students will be working in construction and transportation.

In the construction unit, students will use construction tools and materials to make a tile trivet that they will take home when completed. There are many tile colors to choose. Start thinking about what color will go with your decor. 

The transportation unit will introduce students to the world of aviation where they will explore the history of flight, discuss what it is like to take a flight, discover the way in which an airplane is able to fly, then build and test a unique paper glider. The unit is brought to a close by designing and constructing an airplane from a styrofoam meat tray then attaching a motor. Will it fly? You may need to tweak it to find out. 

Each student in seventh grade is required to pay a fee of $8 for materials and supplies.

Want to learn more about flight? Click on the NASA link for some interesting information.

Rubrics for the projects can be found below.

Need a paper or a study guide?  See the related files below and you may print one.

There is an interactive PowerPoint game you may play to practice for the tool identification test. Click on the file below.

8th Grade Technology Education

This year in eighth grade, students will have tech ed every day for one marking period.  Students will be completing a unit in manufacturing and a unit in technical drafting.   In the manufacturing unit, we will be making the wall sconce. Brazing and using a pocket hole jig will be just some of the skills used in this mass-produced project. Students will have experiences in the operation of woodworking and metalworking machinery. Measuring is still important. Plan on seeing some measuring worksheets and the inch test again.

In the technical drafting unit, students will start out by doing multi-view drawings using drawing boards and drafting tools. Did we mention measuring is important? We'll then move on to the computer to do CAD drawings using Sketchup. We'll do isometric drawings and learn to add dimensions with the help of the computer.  CAD drawing or board drawing--which one is more to your liking?  You'll have to decide.

If you are having trouble understanding the drawings, go to this link for some additional insight.

Want to have Sketchup on your computer?  It's a free download, so you can start practicing at home!

Each student in eighth grade is required to pay a fee of $8 for supplies and materials. Additionally, if you are interested in a glass chimney for the candle holder, they can be purchased through the school for $8. This is an optional fee.  I will be sending in an order each marking period, so we can get them at a discount for a large quantity.  If you want to purchase one on your own, you'll need one with a 3" diameter at the bottom.  

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