High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

High frequency words are words that appear over and over in print.  Many times these words are ones which are not easily sounded out.  Throughout the year, your child will be introduced to many of these words.  Our expectation is that he/she will learn to recognize these words automatically so when they appear in print, he/she will be able to quickly recall and read the words.  As we introduce words, they will be put on a ring and sent home with your child to practice at home.  Please use the word ring to practice every evening when you do homework. Make sure it is kept in the reading bag so it is brought to school every day since we will be using the word ring in the classroom also.

Listed below are some ways to practice and reinforce high frequency words. I have found that approaching practice as a game is usually more successful than just drilling the child over and over on a word. Use these ideas as a beginning and then create games of your own. Always try to keep the practice fun and light. If your child is easily frustrated, cut down on the number of words you are practicing and keep your practice times extra short.

1. Use word cards to play a beat the clock game. Place the words face down on a table or the floor. Set a timer for two or three minutes and challenge your child to turn over cards and name the words. See how many words your child can name correctly before the timer goes off. A variation of this game is to place the words face down and time your child to see how quickly he/she can turn over all the cards and name them correctly.

2. Have your child write and spell the anchor words on a white board, chalk board or paper. Remind your child to say the word before and after writing and spelling.

3. Have your child make sentences using the anchor words. Write the sentences and then underline the targeted words.

4. Sort the words. Use the word cards and have your child sort the words several different ways. For example, sort by number of letters in the words; sort by beginning letters, sort by ending letters, sort by words that rhyme and words that don't rhyme; etc. After each sort have your child read the words in each group.

5. Pick two or three "target" words by laying out those word cards. Then have your child look through WEB books, library books and newspapers to find those words. Count how many times each word can be found.

6. Play hide and seek. Pick several words cards and hide them around the room. Ask your child to find the words. As a word is found, the child must identify it correctly.

7. Play Go Fishing. Attach a paper clip to each word card. Place all the cards face down on the floor or in a bucket. Use a dowel stick with a string and magnet attached. Use the stick as a fishing pole and "catch"; the word cards. If the word can be identified correctly it goes into the child's "fish bowl". If not, tell your child the word and throw it back into the pond to be caught again.

8. Use magnetic letters or letters from a Scrabble game. Give your child the letters from a particular anchor word and see if he/she can place the letters together to make the word. For example--give your child an 'i', a 'k', an 'l', and an 'e'. Your child should lay the letters together to spell 'like'.

9. Draw various shapes on a paper. Inside each shape print one of the anchor words you are practicing. Then ask your child to name the word in the circle or name the word in the triangle et

10. Use the flash cards to randomly show the words and ask your child to name them.

List of High Frequency Words

Here is a list of the Kindergarten High Frequency words:
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