Fluoride Information

A very valuable dental health service is available to children within the West Shore School District. With parental permission, children in elementary school who do not have a fluoridated water supply at home have an opportunity to receive fluoride tablets at school. Kindergarten students will receive one (0.50mg) tablet each school day, and students in grades one through five will receive one (1mg) tablet each school day. Clinical studies have shown that fluoride tablets reduce the incidence of tooth decay and are especially valuable to children when their teeth are developing.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health does not recommend the use of fluoride tablets when a child lives in an area that fluoridates its water supply. Some families who live in an area with fluoridated water whose children drink only non-fluoridated, bottled spring water, have requested that their children receive the fluoride supplement at school. This practice is not recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Fluoride tablets should not be given in school and again by the parents at home. If your child is receiving fluoride tablets at home, he or she should not participate in the fluoride program in school. Students may, however, take the tablets at school on weekdays, and take their own tablets at home on weekends and vacations.

How do I know if my water is fluoridated?

  • All home addresses serviced by the Pennsylvania American Water Company have fluoridated water. This includes the New Cumberland Army Depot.
  • All addresses serviced by Goldsboro Water Company do not have fluoridated water.
  • Families with private wells do not have a fluoridated water supply.
  • Families who live in York County, and are serviced by United Water of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania General Water Works), do not have fluoridated water.
  • Families who live in Cumberland County, and are serviced by United Water of Pennsylvania do have fluoride in their water.
  • If you do not know the source of your water supply, please check with your landlord or water company. It is very important that you know the source of your water supply.

    With your written consent, fluoride tablets will be given to your child each school day by his or her teacher. Dr. Douglas P. Marinak, D.D.S., Dental Consultant for the West Shore School District, has approved this program, and recommends it only for those children who do not have a fluoridated water supply available to them at home.

    If you have questions concerning the fluoride tablet program, you may contact Mrs. Debra Barr, School Dental Hygienist, at 938-9577.

    If you wish to have your child receive fluoride at school, (AT NO COST TO THE FAMILY), please download and complete the form below and send it to your child's school.

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