Summer Office Hours
For an eight-week period from June 11 – August 3, all District schools and the Administration Center for Education will be open Monday through Thursday and closed on Fridays. In addition, District offices will be closed July 4 in honor of Independence Day. 

The Administration Center for Education will be open to the public from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Hours at the individual schools will vary. Due to limited office staff during this time, please contact the school to confirm someone will be available to assist you when planning your visit.  Click here for a phone directory. 

First Grade Curriculum

Your student will learn many new things in first grade. Here is an overview of the curriculum:

Reading – This will be our first year for Benchmark Literacy! Through the program students will learn phonics skills, reading and comprehension strategies, reading fluency, writing and grammar skills, vocabulary, and high frequency words by participating in whole and small group instruction. We will also use a class management system called The Daily 5/Café.

Math – We will be teaching common core concepts through enVision Math.  The concepts include addition, subtraction, place value, word problems, graphing, measurement and time.

Social Studies and Science – We will explore animals, solids and liquids, plants, citizenship, government, economics, and geography.

Rocket Math – Beginning in January/February students will begin to take part in the Rocket Math Program. This program assists students in mastering their addition and subtraction facts through repeated practice and daily timed tests. You will receive more information about Rocket Math in January/February.

Anchor Words – We will work on an anchor word a day, which will be put on their homework sheet. Practice each night and review previous words. Anchor words are formally assessed three times a year. If your child has not mastered their kindergarten words, please continue practicing those words each night.

Handwriting will also be taught. The proper letter formation will be reviewed. Neat handwriting will be expected on all work.

Writing: In first grade, we teach writing using the six traits of writing. They are conventions, ideas, sentence fluency, organization, voice and word choice. We often use songs and mentor texts to teach them. Conventions include the use of punctuation, spelling and capitalization. Sentence fluency is when the writing flows smoothly, including the use of short and long sentences. It should sound as if someone were talking. Sentences should be complete and fragments used only when it adds to the meaning. Using good word choices enables the reader to get a clear and accurate picture. Strong action verbs and descriptive adjectives help to convey meaning. The writing should be appealing and fresh. Voice shows the writer’s personality. Emotions are conveyed appropriately through voice. Organization includes a bold beginning, mighty middle and an excellent ending. The beginning should hook the reader and the middle should provide details in correct sequential order. Endings wrap up the idea of the paragraph. Ideas are the message the author wants to convey to the reader. The writing should hold the reader’s attention throughout the complete piece.

Take Home Folder and Homework Sheet

Each student will receive a Take Home Folder and a Homework Sheet on the first day of school. The Take Home Folder and Homework Sheet will go home daily and will be our means of communication. Please initial it everyday so that we know you saw it.


Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Homework will include W.E.B., math practice, and other activities related to our curriculum.


On the first day of school the class will be introduced to the procedures/rules through the acronym SHARKS-safe, honest, accountable, role model, kindness, and supportive. Reinforcement of these behaviors will consistently be taught and expected in our classrooms.



On the wall is a clip wheel. Each child has a number based on where they fall alphabetically. Each child’s number is on a clothespin that goes on the clip wheel. It’s not the business of those who come into our classroom whose clip is where. This is why we choose to put their number on the clothespin.

Here’s how it works. If your child makes a bad choice or breaks a rule, they choose to move their clip. Everyone’s clip starts out on A-Okay at the beginning of the day.


When a child moves their clip once, they land on warning.

When a child moves their clip twice, they land on 5 minutes.

When a child moves their clip 3 times, they land on 10 minutes.

Minutes=Amount of time they must practice the procedure at recess time.

Throughout the day, one may move their clip back to A-Okay if they have shown that they are making better choices. If your child goes past 10 minutes, your child and/or myself will write a note explaining the choices that they’ve made. You will be asked to sign the note and return it. 

 If a child goes past 10 minutes frequently, you will be notified by phone so that we can work together to help your childWe are happy to answer any questions regarding consequences.




You must notify the school office if your student is going to be absent. The absentee call in number is 938-6567. Calls will be accepted between the hours of 5:00 pm and 8:00 am. Please remember to send a note to school with your student when he or she returns, stating the reason for their absence. Also, please send in a note when your student is tardy (arrives after 8:45 am).



Please remember to keep us informed of any changes in schedules before or after school. You must inform us in writing each day that there will be a change. We will pass these notes to the office in the morning.


Breakfast and Lunch at School


Breakfast is available to all students prior to the start of school each day. Attached to this packet is a permission slip for breakfast. A copy of the breakfast and lunch menu will be sent home monthly and can be found on the district website as well as prices and account information. Please send lunch money to school in an envelope marked with your child’s name and their teacher’s name.

Water Bottles and Snack


Please send a nutritious, easy to eat snack for your student daily. Contributions of individually packed group snacks are greatly appreciated. If you don’t wish for your student to receive group snack please let us know. Also, if your student has any food allergies, please let us know.

Here is a list of individual packaged suggested snacks to send in:

(We do not have access to a refrigerator)   

1.     Fruit

2.    Trail mix (nuts/granola/dried fruit/cheerios)

3.    Veggies and dip

4.    Graham Crackers

5.    Apple sauce packs

6.    Peanut butter crackers

7.    Gogurts (They can be frozen, and the kids love them!)

8.    Fig Newtons

9.    Popcorn

10. Snack Bars

11.   Wheat Crackers/Cheese Cubes

12. Pretzels

13. Goldfish Crackers

Students are invited to bring water bottles to class if they wish. We encourage water bottles with easy to open and close lids that do not spill easily. Your student will be encouraged to take home the bottles each night to be cleaned properly. Students who do not bring water bottles will be given opportunities throughout the day to get drinks from the water fountain.


Birthday Celebrations


Students are invited to celebrate their birthday at school. Please limit birthday celebration treats to cupcakes or cookies or ready to serve items. If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday, please let me know when your child’s birthday approaches. 

Classroom Volunteers


Please let your child’s teacher know if you will be able to assist with WEB reading or other activities throughout the year. All volunteers must have the appropriate clearances and a current TB test on file.

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