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Homework Policy/Expectations: 
*  Homework is to assist students in practicing, to assess previous knowledge, and to assess the learning progress.  
*  Students should be spending an average of 15-20 minutes of time outside of class on a daily basis.  
*  When students pay attention in class, utilize their class time wisely and stay up to date on daily work time - they are finished when they reach a maximum of 30 minutes of "focused" work time on science!  
*  Please ensure that your child communicates with Miss M what they WERE able to do!  The work may be challenging, but there IS something the students WILL be able to accomplish!  Do as MUCH as possible and write specific information related to what IS known then add specific questions for Miss M!

Late Work Policy:
1-2 CALENDAR days late: maximum credit 80%.
More than 3 days - 7 CALENDAR days:  maximum credit 70%.
8 or more CALENDAR days late: maximum credit 50%.
Deadlines will be provided for marking period end date.
NO work will be accepted from previous marking periods.
*** When extensions are granted to complete work to assist in the learning process, the work must be turned in COMPLETE and to a high quality effort.  
*** Miss M reserves the right to not accept work that is being turned in BEYOND the end of chapters/units of study.  Remember - the main goal of work that is assigned is to assist the learning process it is NOT for the purpose of putting points in the grade book.  

Did you forget to write your assignment in your planner?

Have you been absent?  

Is there an assignment that you are missing according to Power School?  

Having a difficult time 
finding a chance 
to look at the BURGUNDY 

Then check here!  

If you need additional explanations 
to understand the expectations for an assignment, 
see Miss M during lunch, 
during Even Day lunches,
or make an appointment for after school!
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