Chapter 25 The Cold War Years

Anti-Communism in America.

Central Historical Question

What fears did America have about communism and how did they attempt to address those fears?


    You will be assigned a specific topic below.  You will use the links below to learn about the topic and complete your graphic organizer.  You will then participate in a "speed date" activity where you will learn from you fellow classmates about the other topics.

  • What is it? (describe it/define it)

  • How does it relate to communism?
  • Does this contribute to the "fear" of communism?  EXPLAIN
  • How does it react to communism?   EXPLAIN

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade

The National Negro Congress

Federal Loyalty-Security Program and loyalty oaths

Robin Hood and Communism

The Grapes of Wrath

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Alger Hiss

The “Hollywood Ten”

Joseph McCarthy

Fifth Column

Red Menace

House Un-American Activities Committee

Internal Security Act of 1950

The Communist Control Act

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